with Iris Valentina in Stavanger

I am looking forward to our session together. On this page some information to prepare.

The portrait session lasts 60 minutes. Because I have to work on a schedule, I ask you to regard the time of your booked hour.

To start with, please fill in the consult form and the agreement

The address of the studio is Normannsgate 24. You can reach me on +31 6 19817596.

In case you would like hairstyling and make-up done for the photoshoot, I advise to do this prior to coming to the studio, so that we have the full hour to photograph. I personally advise against make-up for children below 14 years old.

Make sure all fingernails are clean!

Bring many outfits, so we have options! I like to photograph in at least two outfits.

Stay away from bright white, busy prints and flashy colours. Soft, flowing fabrics that hug the body work well. Basic colours and deep, rich colours are beautiful to work with. Make sure you do not forget matching pants/skirts. Shoes are not used. 

Keep it simple! Let the outfit complement you, not take over. 

Have a look at my website and sociale media for ideas for clothing.

If any questions remain, please contact me. It is my intention to create beautiful portraits for you!

xxx Iris



Studio: Daam Fockemalaan 22, Amersfoort
Post: Parklaan 76, 3722BG Bilthoven 

Nederland, the Netherlands

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