wall art portrait sessions by Iris Valentina

When is the last time your child(ren) have been beautifully photographed?


Is it time to create something truly special for on your wall? 


A fine art portrait connects you with the most important value we keep: LOVE.


Every day when you see your portrait it will remind you of the pride and deep connection you feel to your child(ren). What a gift they are. 


Also, my experience is that a session is a mega confidence boost for the child. He or she will feel and see that he/she is enough. He/she just has to BE and the beauty that is already present will come to the surface and is allowed to fully radiate. 



My name is Iris Schoonus-van 't Riet and my company goes by the (more international ;) ) name of Iris Valentina. I have lived in Stavanger for 2,5 years and ran a sought after portrait studio during my time there.


It is my pleasure to return for a weekend to create timeless, beautiful wall art portraits for you. 

I hope to meet you in Stavanger!


Love, Iris


NOK 6900,-

• 60 minute photoshoot in a studio in Stavanger​

• 3 portraits of your choice in high resolution digital file


The dates for my next portrait session weekend in Stavanger are not confirmed yet.

If you are interested in booking a session with me, please fill in the form below. This is not binding, but once the dates are out and bookings can be made, you will be the first one to know!



Studio: Daam Fockemalaan 22, Amersfoort
Post: Parklaan 76, 3722BG Bilthoven 

Nederland, the Netherlands